About Me


My name is Debbie Bowen. I am an artist/musician, reiki practitioner, angelic healer, and certified Spiritual Life Coach who has lived most of my life in the Dallas area of Texas. I began awakening to my spirituality in my early-mid twenties with the help of meditation and yoga. I became very fond of the spiritual teachings of Eastern thought and still find their methods and philosophies astounding. Throughout the years, I played many concerts and toured with my various bands, falling away from my spiritual practice but always keeping it deep within my soul. I always felt that I was meant to do something bigger; something to help the world. I awoke to my purpose in June of 2021 after a year of deep reflection and meditation. I discovered how much I love to inspire others to live an authentic life and to live with intention and purpose. I believe that to heal the world, we must all heal ourselves first. Discovering reiki and incorporating it into my own life has been amazing and truly transformational. Sharing this gift by helping others to heal and discover their truth and connection to Spirit is my purpose and I'm so incredibly grateful for it.  

Being a reiki practitioner has elevated my consciousness and vibration to levels I never imagined possible.I have been consistently blown away by my own healing and know I was meant to extend that gift to others. As a constant seeker of knowledge and expansion, I decided to take my practice further by being attuned to Quantum Reiki. This final form of Reiki works beyond the third dimension and can heal on a cellular level of consciousness, even reaching back to past incarnations. Quantum Reiki is able to heal karma and energy blockages more quickly and profoundly than traditional Reiki. By including crystals and crystal grids in my Reiki practice, a more focused and refined current of energy is sent. I am so excited to share this signature style of reiki to help others find their own inner-peace and connect with Spirit in miraculous ways.

In love and in light,