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Reiki truly is an incredible healing modality. Below, you will find different areas of life/situations where it can be applied to bring positive change.

  • Helps you relax

  • Brings a sense of inner-peace

  • Helps release fear/worry/doubt

  • Helps to establish confidence

  • Establishes a strong connection to the Higher Self and Spirit

  • Improves intuition, awareness, and clair senses

  • Helps you believe in yourself/abilities

  • Energizes you

  • Helps with problem solving

  • Helps bring clarity

  • Helps to relieve physical pain

  • Accelerates the body's natural physical healing

  • Helps prevent progress of disease

  • Detoxifies the body

  • Dissolves energy blockages

  • Helps release emotional baggage

  • Increases the body's energetic frequency

  • Helps to release ties to addictions

Reiki is a true gift of holistic healing. The Quantum Crystal Reiki that I offer truly does amplify the outcomes of sessions and creates more powerful and refined outcomes to my clients. 

Multiple sessions are usually needed for intense healing and large goals. Please have a look at my Reiki packages if you would like to quantum leap in these areas!






*PLEASE NOTE: Reiki is not an alternative for medical treatment. It does not treat or diagnose. It promotes overall wellness. Please seek out a medical professional if you have concerns about your health.   

What Reiki Can Do