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Hekate and Reiki

You may be wondering, “What does Hekate have to do with Reiki? How could an ancient Greek goddess have any connection to a Japanese healing modality?”. I will not go into the history of Hekate here or every place in the world where evidence of Her worship has been found. I will mention though, that there is a strong indication that Her origins may not necessarily be Greek but rather Persian. There are many possibilities. It is also likely that before being syncretized with the Greek pantheon, She was worshipped mostly as a Mother Goddess. Have a look at my recommended reading page for some wonderful books that go into fascinating detail about Hekate.

To say that She is a diverse goddess is an extreme understatement. A simple quick search online will usually yield a short description of her as the goddess of magic and necromancy. However, these are just two very small attributes of Our Lady. Devotees of Her already understand that She is so much more than this. We are lucky to have amazing and dedicated scholars like Sorita d’Este and Sarah Isles Johnson who have done incredible amounts of research in order for us to better understand this deity.

Hekate has many epithets and shares a good amount of them with other goddesses. Epithets are adjectives or titles that gods and goddesses in ancient Greece were given to describe a particular quality of the deity and Hekate’s are many and exceptionally vast. For example, Hekate Kourotrophos (The Nurse of Youths) is a guardian protectress of children and Hekate Brimo (The Terrifying One) scares enemies away. Hekate Erototokos (Bearer of Love) provides and teaches love and Hekate Oletis (The Destroyer) can probably cause some serious devastation but can also help us destroy aspects of ourselves that do not serve us. This post provided by the wonderful witch and author Mat Auryn lists most of Hekate’s known epithets.

So, yes, She is extremely diverse. For me, she represents all that it means to be whole; All that is required to be a complete and sane being. In order for us to live fully and authentically, it is crucial that we integrate both light and dark into our being. Nature and life itself is all about balance. Too much or too little of something can cause devastation. She truly is the Divine Mother, capable of extreme love or destruction if something threatens Her children.

In my personal practice, I honor Hekate the way she is portrayed in the Chaldean Oracles where She is seen as Animal Mundi, the Soul of the World (or the Cosmic Soul). She is the energy that provides and sustains all of creation. Reiki itself is not the name of the energy that is channeled for healing but rather the name of the technique used. Reiki taps into an unseen life force energy, which flows through all of us and everything. By laying hands or carrying out a distance session, a reiki practitioner provides a channel to help their client’s bodymind initiate their own healing whether it be emotionally or physically. The life force energy that flows through everything helps and encourages the client’s own energy to heal whatever is ailing them.

I had been practicing reiki for two years before I thought to involve Hekate, and when I did, the energy and results became much more powerful and transformative. By calling on Her and specific epithets, like Paionios (She Who Heals) and Melinoe (Soothing One) and using Quantum Reiki methods, I am able to give and receive emotional and spiritual healing along with deep insights into my client’s and my own deeper self. I am happy and excited to be able to provide an energy healing service that is more specific and unique than other reiki techniques; One that is geared towards those who are more familiar and comfortable with the unseen world that exists beyond our physical senses, where Hekate resides and provides.

-Hail Hekate

Debbie Bowen

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