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*I am currently taking a break from working on The Cosmic Soul podcast to focus on building my Quantum Crystal Reiki practice and work on a music project with my wonderful husband. All episodes on podcasting platforms and Youtube will remain published and available for you to listen to or watch!*

The Cosmic Soul Podcast  is your bi-weekly spiritual multivitamin! Each episode's theme is determined by a tarot card, which is drawn before the show! We dive deep into the symbols and meaning of each card to see how it can help us live more mindfully and aligned with our purpose, as well as how the card presently relates to us as a collective. The show also features an oracle card to help further the episode's theme/message, as well as affirmations and a weekly challenge to get you living at a higher frequency! 

You can listen to The Cosmic Soul Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all other podcasting platforms as well as watch the video version on YouTube!
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