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3 Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibes

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

These lives of ours are pretty busy and it can sometimes be difficult to keep our positivity up when so much is going on. This is the first of an ongoing series of posts that will present fairly simple ( and not so simple ) methods to help you everyday in your quest to raise your frequency. Keeping your vibration high is key to attracting the things you want to manifest in your life! So, on to the first three super secret tips:

Stop assuming

Assumptions can get us in a bit of trouble and they can bring unnecessary energy to our mind and spirit. When we assume something, there are no true facts to back up these thoughts and feelings. We fill in blanks with our own past and our imaginations. We deplete ourselves for a few minutes to a few days, only to find that we were wrong and we could have been transmuting that negativity into something positive and productive. Assumptions can happen at any time and in any situation. One of the best ways to get into the habit of stopping this is to approach things with a mindset of expecting the best. This creates a sort of barrier between you and any low vibes that have the capacity to bring you down and deplete your energy. Wait until you know all the facts all the time. Until then, focus on rising up and taking the high road with yourself. Let love lead the way.

Gratitude Attitude

Think about one thing you are grateful for and why. Get into detail with it. Experience this one thing and all of the emotion and feeling that goes with it. It could as simple as a meal that you’re really looking forward to or it could be your car that loyally transports you from your job ( which is something else to be grateful for! ) and back to your home where you get to relax and feel free to do your thing. Is there someone in your life you love very much like a parent, a friend, or a significant other? Think about their face and how you feel when you reunite with them after not seeing them for a little while or how you feel when you two share an embrace. There is so much to be grateful for each day and it’s a great practice to think of or write down a few things that make your life shine a little brighter.

Keep a Song in Your Heart

Music is incredibly healing, and even if you don’t think you can sing, humming or letting out a few little “doot doots” can really raise your spirits. I was at the grocery store recently and got a little anxious from there being a lot of people around ( empath raise your hands in the air! ). I randomly started singing a melody to a made up jazzy song and immediately smiled and didn’t care about all the people around me anymore. This is my go-to method now for those anxious moments and it’s also helped me to not care what strangers think about me and my unconventionality.

There are countless ways to raise your energy and to protect yourself from heading downwards into dirty, rotten, no-good, low vibing territory. Practice these three methods daily and, I promise, you will see an immense difference in your attitude and quality of life. Stay cosmic, fam! 🌈👽❤️

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