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A Bath Potion And Charm Bag To Ward Away Illness

That wonderful time of the year is now upon us when we’ve been gathering with friends and family in the warmth of our homes to share in celebration of love, laugher and tradition. It’s also a time of low outside temperatures, and those oh-so-delightful winter bugs that can leave us bed-ridden for days or even weeks. We would all do well to keep up with our daily vitamins and get plenty of rest to avoid any type of nasty illness, but a little bit of magick couldn’t hurt either.

Here in Texas, where I live, the temperatures and weather can change at a literal drop of a hat. One day, it’s a beautiful and sunny seventy degrees. The next, it’s blustery and in the lower thirties. Our allergies are always on high alert, and you have to constantly expect the unexpected.

A number of Saturdays ago, right when our weather began its wild shift from almost spring-like temperatures to abrupt wintery chills, I began to feel something coming on. You know that feeling where you’re not a hundred percent sure if a cold is about to rear its head but you’re definitely feeling a bit off? Your throat starts having that scratchy sensation and you start to prematurely plan how you’re going to call in to work? I quickly began to make some immunity-boosting tea, dreading the possibility that I would be sick during the Thanksgiving holiday with family.

Coincidentally enough, I had been planning for just this type of incident. A few days prior, I was gathering materials to create charm bags for my husband and I to be protected from illness for the winter months. Unfortunately for me, I started coming down with something before my perfectly timed plan to make the bags on a Saturday during the hour of Saturn and at the time the moon was strongly waning. What could I do in this dire health emergency? It was cold outside, and a bath sounded really nice. Of course! A bath infused with protective herbs to banish whatever bug was ailing me would do the trick.

I grabbed my Book of Shadows to narrow down the most appropriate plant powers I would be including in my potion. Rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil, sage, garlic, cloves, dandelion, and sea salt all made the cut. A little tip; the first five ingredients are in your standard kitchen staple of Italian Seasoning! I then proceeded to heat a big coffee cup of water then dropped in my tea ball filled with the magickal mix. While it steeped (for around ten minutes), I prepared the bath along with some candles, music, and incense to make it a truly relaxing and immersive ritual experience. When everything was ready to go, I held the potion close and asked that it remove anything that could be making me feel under the weather physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After my request was made, I poured it in, got in with a good book, and enjoyed the healing powers of the charged water.

After spending about twenty or so minutes in the tub, I felt I whatever may have been ailing me had probably been banished, so I called my husband in to see if he wanted to get in after me. He had mentioned earlier that day that he had been feeling something of a cold coming on as well. He happily agreed to get in, even though I hadn’t yet mentioned what the purpose of the herbs in the bath were. If this sounds a little weird, I assure you it’s all good. I never take a bath without showering first. It’s always a good idea to give yourself a good wash before sitting in a big tub of water for an extended period of time. Besides, you don’t want any of a wonderful magickal bath go to waste! Share the love!

Afterwards, we went about the rest of the day as usual, commenting often about how wonderful the little ritual had made us feel. The next morning, at breakfast, we both realized that our scratchy throats and stuffy heads had diminished. Even though it wasn’t the first time I had employed magick to assist in our lives, we were still a little surprised about the efficacy of it.

I definitely recommend having a ritual bath it you ever feel under the weather, or you have a strong sense that you’re about to be. Being sick is no fun at all, and there’s something incredibly empowering about defeating it before it has a chance to reign terror upon you. You can incorporate as few or as many cleansing herbs into your bath potion as you like, as well as add in some crystals like obsidian or smokey quartz!

The following week, I did manage to make our charm bags at the time I wanted. My husband and I actually started feeling like we were getting sick again too! So, you know what we did? We took another bath with the illness-fighting potion. Afterwards, I created the bags, and they turned out great! The next day, once again, any signs of a cold were gone. Below, I share directions for the charm. Keep it on you all throughout winter to keep unpleasant illness at bay.

What you’ll need:

· Two 4”x4” squares of black fabric

· 1 sewing needle

· White thread

· A small piece of obsidian, black tourmaline, or smokey quartz ( you can add a clear quartz to amplify every ingredient too)

· A pinch of protective herbs like rosemary, sage, or pine (use what you have!)

· One garlic clove

· A 2”x2” square of paper

· Some personal materia like hair or a fingernail clipping

Begin by writing an intention for protection on the piece of paper. I personally love and borrowed from Gemma Gary’s wonderful book “Traditional Witchcraft: A Book of Cornish Ways” and incorporated the inverted triangle spelling out “ABRACADABRA” on one side. This is an ancient magickal word that encourages illness and nasty entities to leave your body. On the other side of the paper can read “By this charm be all illness exorcised and good health to its bearer restored. So shall it be.” You can draw or write whatever words you wish, so long as you are targeting the removal of illness and restoration of good health.

Once you’ve finished, fold the paper away from you three times. Afterwards, sew three sides of your fabric pieces until you have a little pouch. Now place your herbs, paper charm, personal materia (if you’ve decided to include it), garlic, and crystal inside. Finally, sew the remaining side of the pouch and till you have a little black square pillow. Breathe onto it or run it through some sacred smoke to finish activating the powers inside. Viola! You have a wonderful charm bag to ward off illness!

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