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Mindfulness and The Wheel of Fortune

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Mindfulness is a word you see a lot when you do a search on how to get out of your life funk. It’s one that requires either a little or a lot of explanation depending on how far you are in your own journey of life, especially if you’re a spiritual person. The definition for mindfulness from Oxford Languages states it as “ a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting ones feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.” To be honest, I had never looked up an official definition before, but I’d say that it sums it up perfectly.

Now, where other articles may go into techniques on how to practice mindfulness, I’m going to take this somewhere else and bring in one of my absolute favorite tools in the whole world; The Tarot. But more specifically, The Wheel of Fortune card.

The Wheel of Fortune can be a card you absolutely freak out for and love to get in a reading, or it can be one that you loathe completely. It all depends on the purpose of your reading or your intention when drawing a daily card ( I do this every day and I highly recommend it for getting in touch with your intuition or Higher Self! ). I remember, when I first started messing with the Tarot, how cool the card looked and how it MUST be one of the best in the deck. I mean, look at it! It says “Fortune”! Must be super auspicious right? Well, yes and no.

Fortune means two things: chance/luck, and it also means a large amount of money. We all know what a wheel is and we all know that it spins/rotates. The Wheel of Fortune, at it’s heart, denotes changes, cycles, destiny, and luck ( good or bad ). In the Rider-Waite traditional image of the card, it shows The Sphinx sitting at the top of the wheel representing wisdom and strength. At the bottom of the wheel is the Egyptian god Anubis. Anubis is a psychopomp, which is someone who guides souls to their place in the afterlife; An admirable position to say the least!

So, what does this sort of confusing-maybe-a-good card have to do with mindfulness? Well, to me, it has upped my game on the practice tremendously. I pride myself as someone who bounces back from the blues rather quickly. It’s taken some time and some personal reflection to recognize these patterns in myself. It may have something to do with my badass Virgo sun and Taurus moon combo ( 😎 ). That aside; no matter your sun, moon, or ascending signs, The Wheel of Fortune is a great card to remember when you’re experiencing both your ups and your downs.

Life is a series of good times and not so good times. We cannot have just one or the other. We cannot have just daytime/nighttime, or just spring/winter. The world and all of the life on it would not survive. We can’t be in a state of perpetual bliss and ecstasy. It’s just not sustainable or realistic. Believe it or not, you would get bored or unappreciative of “the thing”. Nothing lasts forever, whether it be good or bad. I believe that we incarnate on this beautiful planet to embody feelings and emotions to their fullest as a living being. That means feelings of love/happiness and feelings of sadness/anger. How could we ever truly experience and appreciate the joys of our lives if we didn’t go through heartaches?

Some people say, “Well that’s just an excuse for all of the terrible things happening in the world that don’t make sense”. And to them I like reply with, “ Oh, so you have all of the billions of years of creation and intentions of existence figured out? Must be nice! Pack up everyone! Our mission is done!” But seriously, it truly is better to live life with the understanding that most things are fleeting in one way or another.

I have recently made The Wheel of Fortune card my symbol of choice to keep in mind when I am having bouts of extreme high vibes and times when I feel lost or in the dumps. As someone who actively engages in the metaphysical realms, I get on these extremely wonderful waves of joy when I experience synchronicity and other signs from angels and spirit guides. I’ll be on cloud nine, wanting to stay there forever and ever. But eventually, things come back down and I would be left wondering “What the hell guys? Where did you go?” I realized that I’m not here to just play around with those forces, I’m here to live out a purpose and receive occasional guidance for that purpose. I’m not a toddler on a leash! So, onward I go with an intentional life staying true to myself and doing my best to be mindful each and every moment; whether that be when I’m at work, or hiking my favorite spot. After a bit of staying on track with what makes my soul sing and trusting the inevitable cycles of life, I find myself moving from the bottom of that wheel right back up to the top.

Taking in and experiencing while also appreciating every moment to the fullest is absolutely crucial to live the greatest life you can. Actually recognizing that your sadness or frustration ( and even happiness! ) will not and cannot last forever can be difficult, but it must be done. Besides the invisible forces of the universe that are in constant motion, you too are causing the wheel to move. No matter the situation, it is always best to take the path of least resistance and gently ride that flowing wave knowing that it is taking you exactly where you need to be next. Enjoy the ride!

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