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My Journey With Moldavite: Part 1

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

On January 1st, 2021, I dreamt I was at a party with various musicians I’ve come to know in the local music scene here in Dallas. I had isolated myself on a balcony and I was lovingly holding a softball-sized crystal of some sort. It was a weird kind of lime and boogery green color and I was just absolutely fascinated with it. After the dream, over the next couple of days, I tried searching online for an answer as to what this strange crystal could be but I never had any luck.

Fast forward to the beginning of April when I randomly decided to watch the movie “Parasite”. I don’t just watch things as I’m more of a reader and gamer, but my husband was away and I had some wine and decided to see what all the fuss surrounding this movie was about. In one of the opening scenes, the son of the main family brings home a large and strange-looking stone that had been gifted to them by a friend. He calls it “The Scholar’s Stone” and it is seen as their good luck charm throughout the movie. When I witnessed the unveiling of this magical stone, I was immediately overcome with excitement and curiosity. But I didn’t know why. The son mentions the phrase “it’s so metaphorical” a handful of times during the film, which I’d come to find meant more to me personally than the themes of the movie itself.

In the coming weeks, my study and practice of a belief system established by Aleister Crowley called “Thelema” began getting very stale. I am in no way bashing it whatsoever, as I gained very insightful and helpful knowledge in my own spiritual journey from my exploration of this religion. I truly love its philosophies of “Do as thou wilt” and “Love is the Law” as they are fantastic principles to live by; “Do as thou wilt” meaning to live by your “True Will”, or what your soul’s purpose is. However, the idea of hardcore and very specific daily rituals for years to obtain something known as “Knowledge and Conversation” with your Holy Guardian Angel ( or Higher Self ) to discover your life’s purpose was so overwhelming. It was too much! I had to get real with myself to regain my happiness. I missed the ( dare I say it ) “woo woo” of love, light, crystals, and pretty pastel colors that had originally drawn me to my path exactly a year ago. I missed the feeling of child-like wonder and surrendering to being playful with everything. Then I noticed that I kept seeing references to angels.

I never had any interest in working with angels. I’m sure it was the fact that I felt like they were exclusively a Christian thing. But with all my study of Qabalah and many other forms of ancient and modern magic and mysticism, I found myself being more open. When I first started on this journey of self-discovery, I had purchased a fairly popular book titled “The Witch’s Way” and it seemed like half of the damn thing was about working with angels. This initially had turned me off and I never really picked the book up again till almost a year later when I felt I was being led towards something.

One Saturday morning in May, I woke up at sunrise ( like I do ), had a little coffee, then meditated as usual for about a half hour. Feeling pretty fantastic and full of that Universal Love, I got this little urge to see what that one book had to say about angels and how I could connect with them more. I jumped past what I had already read a few times and landed at the section on crystals. “ I already know all this”, I thought. At that moment, I turned the page, saw an extremely beautiful angel illustration, then I felt an indescribable rush of energy upon seeing the word on the page; Moldavite.

A type of tektite ( natural glass ), Moldavite is said to have formed from the impact of a very large meteorite roughly 15 million years ago somewhere in the Czech Republic. It has an incredible amount of energy that can easily overwhelm someone who is particularly sensitive to such things. Moldavite is somewhat legendary as it is known to influence great change in the lives of those who dare to acquire and spend time with it. Much like a kundalini awakening ( a very strong type of spiritual awakening ), Moldavite often causes a purging of anything not serving you or standing in the way of your purpose. This can be as simple as being drawn to a new hobby or ending an existing relationship or job/career. It inspires you for your highest good, even if it feels like chaos has ensued.

Upon seeing what this extraterrestrial stone looks like, it dawned on me, like an atom bomb, that Moldavite was the crystal I was enamored with in my dream months ago! While everyone was inside partying,I was more concerned with connecting with myself and my life mission. I wanted to return to the truth of love and higher consciousness. “It’s so metaphorical”.

I knew I had to get a piece for myself. Etsy seemed like the most trustworthy way to go, so I got to researching and specifically looked for reviewers that mentioned it causing great change in their lives. I found the perfect seller with the perfect reviews and they had ONE Moldavite necklace left. I had no idea how pricey this stuff is! We were trying to save money and get out of debt. How would I explain to my husband this $80 purchase for a piece of natural glass only the size of a penny? Then I heard a little voice “what about those three ziploc bags filled with change equaling exactly $80 under your bed?” I had been led this far and synchronicities had been firing off more wildly than ever before those weeks leading to this particular Saturday. I put it in my cart and successfully checked out. Tingly excitement and playful nervousness overran my body the rest of the day as I imagined what Moldavite was going to bring into my life, or remove from it.

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