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My Journey With Moldavite: Part 2

My Moldavite necklace arrived. It was in a little ribbon wrapped purple box with a little of authenticity. I was pretty terrible at withholding my giddiness from my husband, Tyler, as he noticed right away that something awesome had just arrived for me. I nervously unveiled the super magical alien stone to him and briefly described what it was and, of course,the cost.

“ Very cool, babe!”

I did not expect that reaction, but I was grateful for it!

Tyler is very empathic, and as soon as he held the Moldavite, he commented on the tingly warmth that radiated from it; Very different and stronger than other crystals in our home.

The necklace came with a small Selenite crystal for charging. I set the Moldavite on it right away and proceeded with my day.

The next morning, I put my new necklace on for the first time. I didn’t notice anything very different throughout the day, and there were certainly no catastrophic things happening around me. Tyler and I went to get frozen yogurt, something we had decided would be a new weekly date thing. We sat in the drive through of Braum’s as I anticipated my usual mix of M&M’s and froyo. I looked at the menu and read the nutrition of what I was getting compared to just a regular frozen yogurt without candy. I usually didn’t care much about nutrition when I had fairly healthy desserts, but this time it was an instant “NEVER AGAIN!”. I ordered a plain cone, loved it, and felt no regret. Later that night, we made tacos and I randomly decided to make a chickpea mash with seasoning instead of having chicken while simultaneously deciding to be pescatarian again.

Life continued fairly normally and I always wore my necklace.

A few days later, I was doing my daily meditation session. Prior to starting, I had asked my angels/guides to do me a solid and hit me with some inspiration. I hadn’t created anything in a while and was itching for that feeling of a job well done, spending my time doing something productive. With about 5 minutes left of my meditation, I saw an image of an cute alien character I had crated some 4 or 5 years ago. “Huh”, I thought. “I always thought she was really cool.” I counted up to ten and stopped my meditation the same second my timer went off; something that had been happening very often lately.

I thanked my friends for their help and proceeded to brainstorm ideas on how I could put this old character of mine to use. I went to the kitchen and started making some beet juice; A new little ritual than I randomly decided to start doing a few days prior. While picking up some veggies at the store one day, I searched the web for foods that decalcify your pineal gland ( your Third Eye that makes you more aware and psychic ) and the first thing listed was beets.

“We’ll that’s odd”, I thought. But not exactly because I was well aware that everything I was doing was for a reason.

Not even a day later and I had found myself with a renewed interest in how consuming meat affects our karma. Basically, the suffering an animal endures leaves a sort of fingerprint on the essence of the meat people ingest, making them physically, emotionally, and spiritually unwell. In China, at the Yulin dog meat festival, thousands of dogs are thrown into cages, tortured, and instilled with fear as they witness their brothers and sisters be skinned alive, set on fire, and other atrocities. It is said, in the culture, that the meat is the most delectable when an animal has been slaughtered while experiencing intense fear. We don’t need to talk about the factory farm industry in the United States to know that the very same thing is going on.

But I’m not here to try and convert you to veganism. I’m just explaining how Moldavite affected very unpredictable things in my own life.

Back to the story!

I then began growing a strong love of preparing and cooking food, but more specifically, vegan food. I had always wanted to follow a vegan diet but told myself it would be too expensive. That, of course, is if you’re only buying pre-packaged foods and not preparing your own from fresh fruits and grains. I had become apparent to me quite some time ago that dairy made me feel like total crap. “But what about my nightly Skinny Cow sandwich?!”, my ego screamed with fists raised towards the heavens.

“WE ARE WORTH IT.” I told her. Ice cream is not what life is all about. Let’s focus on making sure we don’t have a part in the suffering of others, as much as we possibly can. Consciously knowing that everything I was eating was cruelty-free was making every mealtime an especially mindful and pure experience. Plus, the gassy dairy feeling disappeared!

I was enjoying connecting with my food on a level that was more than just a “hurry up and get in me because I’m hungry!” The love and care that goes into a truly nutritious meal was more enjoyable than scrolling through Facebook or watching anything on television. I put on some high vibe tunes and went to work in the kitchen for a couple of hours. That’s something else I had begun doing; actively seeking out and listening to music that raised my frequency/vibration/energy ( check out my curated playlist of my favorite music to lift your mood here. ).

One day, I was consulting my “Work Your Light” by Rebecca Campbell oracle deck and I pulled the “Starseed” card. I was familiar with the word but never really looked into it. The description for for the card says this:

“They are old souls who have incarnated elsewhere beyond this planet.”

“Once awake, most Starseed souls find it hard to have meaningless conversations, jobs, and relationships. They innately know that there is much more to life and feel that there is ‘something more’ and get to work. They remain restless until they step into their calling,which is to light up the world with their unique presence.”

“Well, that is incredibly relevant”, I thought. Memories were triggered of me writing myself notes about how my art and music would help the world. I used to do that all the time over ten years ago. It was also when I had first learned that we are all spiritual beings having human experiences. I was always so confident and sure back then. I wasn’t afraid of anything. I used to travel with my mom quite often. I would get on planes and have no fear as I would tell myself everything would be ok because I’m meant to do something great and it hasn’t happened yet. Somewhere along the line, I became deathly afraid of flying. At some point, in these ten years, I forgot what I was supposed to do. I forgot that I have a unique purpose. Many of us forget.

It all clicked hard and fast; I need to look more into Starseed stuff. I bought “Letters to a Starseed” by Rebecca Campbell; a very beautiful book that is like a love letter to your soul. It details the impossible journey your soul makes to incarnate at this specific point in time ( there is a big shift in consciousness going on right now and it has been known for a very very long time. ), the types of experiences you decided to have, as well as the soul contracts you made to assist in each other’s development. Starseeds all have a different mission, but they all serve the same purpose ; to assist in raising the frequency and consciousness of earth and returning it to the heaven it once was. I learned how to embrace life, as well as other people, in a more loving and open way after reading it. You could say I became an even bigger ball of light.

I eventually looked for Starseed podcasts and came across a truly wonderful one called “The Spirit Nomad” hosted by the lovely Julia Lundin. This show grabbed me immediately because episodes are easily digestible lengths like 6 or 20 minutes long. It covers manifestation techniques and honest wellness advice, as well as some wonderful spiritual tips and hacks. I started using fluoride-free toothpaste ( fluoride calcifies your pineal gland ) as per her recommendation. There are a few episodes however that go into detail about knowing if you’re a Starseed, what types there are, and what star system they hail from.


I already had a good amount of knowledge regarding our friends the Pleadians, Sirians, and Andromedans, but I had never heard of them incarnating on earth with these beautiful soul missions.

The morning I discovered “The Spirit Nomad” podcast, I was at work and noticed “Change the World” by Eric Clapton came on over the sound system. The playlist has been the same for over a year and I had never noticed this song play before. I put in my earbuds and listened to about half of the entire podcast series, and I was pumped. Halfway through the show, I asked my guides a question for an answer I already deeply knew the answer to; “Am I A Starseed”? At that moment, I was picking up a box, and noticed something on my hand I had never seen before. Under my tattoo were three freckles formed in a line that looked suspiciously like Orion’s Belt. They were definitely very new because I admire this tattoo a lot ( A wolf head with a diamond in its mouth and the all-seeing-eye pyramid on its forehead. ).

And folks, the hits just keep on coming.

An hour later, my coworkers and I are taking our after-lunch walk outside in the parking lot, and my mind gets blown. Time seemed to stop and I could almost feel reality shift. Right in the middle of our path, all alone, was a parked van that looked like it was straight out of a movie. It was playing old, loud, and badass rock music. It was painted black and white with a skeleton in an astronaut suit in space and big letters that said “Space Truckin Ain’t Easy”. The bearded driver in aviator glasses puts his tattooed arm with galaxies all over it out the window, waves gently, and nods his head up and down at me as if to say “Yup”. Then the van quickly drove of. It was the single coolest thing I’d ever experienced while at work, but also just in general.

After work, I had an appointment with my dentist for a cleaning. They have big flatscreens in front of every chair and I’m just watching it and waiting for the assistant to come in. I get playful ( and maybe a little greedy ) and say to myself “Okay, just one more little sign,please, and I’ll shut up with the Starseed questions.”

That second, a Chanel perfume commercial came on and you wanna know what song it was playing?; “Starman” by David Bowie. A rush of energy, goosebumps, and pure happiness fell over me. I laughed out loud. Pay attention to synchronicities, people! They happen to every single one of us and they bring immense peace, as they prove the interconnectedness of literally everything.

That night, I had a weird dream. Anthony Keidis, the singer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers was crashing at my place along with his girlfriend. I woke up and wondered for a split second what that dream was all about. Instantly, their song “Can’t Stop” came into my mind, but more specifically the lyrics:

“Coming from space

To teach you of the Pleides

Can't stop the spirits when they need you

This life is more than just a read through”

I stopped wondering, eased into the comfort of acceptance, and got right back to exploring more about myself and my purpose. Manifestation techniques had become a gold mine for my creativity and I was coming up with so many ideas involving my alien character and shirt designs that promoted mindfulness and peace. The idea of starting a blog had crossed my mind a handful of times in the past year, but I brushed it off. Why would anyone care what I had to say?

My attitude and presence at my job continued to be rather remarkable and I began to naturally raise up my coworkers, shifting the energy of the whole building. I found that I love to help people feel better. I love inspiring others to take life by the horns and make it everything they believe it can be. Because you can. You came here to create, and creating your life is the biggest part of that.

I was chatting with my coworker one day and started talking about how the Tarot card, The Wheel of Fortune, perfectly depicts the flow of our lives and using its imagery as a tool for being mindful. I joked that I should write a blog post about it. “You really should”, he said. I thought, maybe people WOULD care what I have to say. I read articles written by other people all the time. Then I remembered he had been curious about my music, so I showed him part of my newest song and it blew him away. “I need to listen to that when I need a boost.”

And that’s when everything clicked. I didn’t need to separate all of my creativity into parts. I didn’t need to just have a blog site or art site or anything like that. I could create a website with the sole purpose of raising others up. I could put everything there and it would be more like the site of my personality: All of me and what I’m here to share with the world.

I found it. My purpose. My mission.

I got right to work on little animations for my site and my first blog about The Wheel of Fortune. Knowing what I was going to do with my life had me wanting to share that beautiful energy right away. I texted my best friend, called my mom, and shared with my fellow creative coworker a manifestation book that they needed to read to help them achieve what they really want. I got Tyler to start reading it.

That night, Tyler and I got into a conversation over drinks about seeing the world. One thing that hadn’t sat with me is how Starseeds supposedly love to travel. Well, I used to love to travel and had planned on doing it a lot at one point so many years ago. I’ve wanted so bad to see Japan, Egypt, Greece, and so on. But we both have a fear of flying and it has always made him and I let those dreams remain only that.

I said, “Fuck fear. Let’s go somewhere outside of the U.S.”

He didn’t believe me.

“Okay”, I said. “ How about the first place we fly to is where YOU want to go the most. Where do YOU want to go?”

Without even thinking he said, “Norway. I want to go to Norway.” He went on to explain everything he wanted to experience there.

“Alright then. We’ll go to Norway. We’ll make a vision board and we’ll start saving.”

“How are we going to afford that?” He asked.

“That isn’t something we’re going to worry about. This is going to happen. We’re going to Norway.”

He began to cry and we held each other. He detailed how he always wanted to see the world but how both of our fears together made it seem out of reaRight now, I’m the healthiest, happiest, and most creative I’ve ever been. Every day is purposeful and I’m grateful to wake up with a strong sense of who I am and why I’m here. My husband, who has been struggling with life, is also making huge progress. He meditates now and it’s helping him gain control over harmful thought patterns. He also is more creative than ever before.

This all happened in the course of exactly one month from when Moldavite arrived in my life. This extraterrestrial crystal revealed to me my very possible extraterrestrial origins. It helped me to cleanse my body of the toxins most Americans consume that keep them from thinking and seeing clearly. It made me realize that I do have a voice that can inspire and influence change for others, which is also the world. It is a truly remarkable crystal. And, if you decide to acquire one for yourself, be prepared for the unexpected; The beautiful, magical, amazingly unexpected. 👽✌️

UPDATE: I actually wrote this post three months ago. Not long before I launched the Cosmic Soul website and podcast. I waited to share it partly because I wanted to develop a good-sized reader base first and also because I wanted to get a Starseed origin report done. I’m excited to say that I received my results back a few weeks ago and found out my soul origin is Andromedan! I did not expect that, since we are supposedly the rarest type, but it is pretty cool and helps me to step even more into my purpose of inspiring others. Another thing I’d like to note is that the three freckles on my hand have disappeared! I will be posting the before and after on my Instagram @cosmicsoulpodcast

And, as far as international travel goes, we shall see ( since we're still in this pandemic ). The point is, I am not afraid anymore. Fear does not have a place in my life; All it does is lower our vibration and keep us from embracing and living our truth.

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