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The Cosmic Calculator: A Fail-Proof Method For Setting Energetic Boundaries

How much time do you spend each day being annoyed, frustrated, angry, resentful, worried, offended, or just plain upset etc? What about each week? Each month? Each year? And how much good is any of that doing you? I’m not being condescending, I promise. But I did take the time to ask myself these very questions and came up with a really simple and fantastic solution.

I’m going to teach you an amazing hack. A phenomenal hack. A life tip that will change things so you can give more of your attention to the things that matter.

First off, you can’t control what happens to you, only your reaction. And much like the old saying about not giving any f!*%s or not having any left to give, you decide where you want to put your energy ( ie. Your f!*%s ). You decide what is worth it and what is not. You are literally deciding to GIVE a part of yourself to a situation/person. Remember that. Imagine if your energy was dollar bills. That shit can add up.

I mentioned in a previous post that it’s a good idea to conflate our personal energy with physical money. Would you purposely spend your hard earned money on an old moldy sandwich or anything broken? Probably not. You spend your money on things that will benefit you and things you enjoy. Feel me?

But now there’s a quicker way to catch these potential energy stealers and nip them in the bud even quicker; Put them through a grading system. I now practice putting situations through a 1-10 scale the moment they happen. I shall dub thee “The Cosmic Calculator” ( 😹 )

For example; I used to get super upset when I’d see trash on the ground or in a shrub, speaking various obscenities about the culprits of such blasphemous crimes. Now, I feel a little ticked for maybe a second, pick up the trash, and move on with no attachments to that negative feeling. I didn’t ever deny it, like some kind of false positivity or something. I allowed myself to feel the emotion somewhat, but it went through my grading system and, according to the report, it ain’t worth a damn cent of my energy. I think it fell down to a 1.

Think about when someone cuts you off. How do you react? If you pay no mind to them, good for you! If you usually allow them to get the best of you and you retaliate, think about what that does to you energetically and possibly physically if you’re careless. I have horrible memories of my own father chasing people down after he was cut off and things got incredibly frightening. That kind of situation is one hundred percent a 1 or 2 at best on our scale. Don’t bother with it. Period.

Try assessing everything that comes your way with The Cosmic Calculator. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much more positive and bright you feel throughout the day. Plus, it’s also a great reminder that you are the master of your world. Only you can bring yourself peace. Stay cosmic!

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