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Your Life Is Your Masterpiece

Have you ever been to an art gallery? Not like an art opening, where it’s usually one artist debuting a number of pieces. I mean just a plain art gallery, if there IS such a thing.

The art in a gallery is from various artists from all different walks of life and locations. No two pieces are alike, unless of course they’re from the same artist. But even then, every piece from that artist will not be exactly the same.

Each artist has their own style and way of doing things. Some might use different mediums like charcoals, oils, acrylic, or photography. And some might use similar mediums but the application or method is different, like adding sand for texture, using a palette knife, or even just splattering paint on the canvas.

No style is better than the other, no application or method superior. It is all purely subjective and the playing field is always even. Each painting stands out on its own and each deserves to be in the gallery, for all to see and admire.

Most, if not all, of those paintings were not a picture perfect process from start to finish. Some artists got halfway through, didn’t like their work, and started over. Others probably worked for what seemed like forever at a concept they thought for sure was perfect and then changed their mind near the end,resulting in an entirely different idea than they had before.

But these artists do have one thing in common and that’s that none of them gave up. They all saw their visions to the end, and the end result was a piece of art.

Your life, and the life of everyone else on Earth is exactly the same in that they are unique and completely experiential. You can admire a painting. You can try to imagine the work that went into it, but you’ll never really understand what the process was and how it came to be the finished picture. You don't get to experience that artist's journey, but you can certainly understand that they have their own story about their painting.

I want you to take a moment to imagine the life you’ve lived so far, as a giant painting. Pretend you’re in a gallery and it’s just you and your painting. You’re standing in front of it. Look at all of the details, all of the paint strokes. Look at the areas that are darker, and look at the ones that are lighter. See how it all comes together so beautifully to create this amazing picture. The dark and light paint must be present in order for either to truly be seen, to even exist as a painting. How could you not be in awe of all you’ve created? It may be different than how you imagined it would look, but you can’t deny it’s magnificence. Be proud of all you’ve created so far.

Now look to the right; there’s a big open and unpainted area of the canvas just waiting for you to fill it with new paint, new experiences, new stories and adventures. You will need different colors and shades and tints if it's really going to stand out to you. Make you say, "Wow, this is something I could really cherish for lifetimes."

This is YOUR art. Make it however you wish. But always remember that it is yours and yours alone. It’s one of a kind. It is not a paint by numbers. You can try making your painting look like everyone else’s, but that wouldn’t be very fun would it? We all have our own paintings in this big gallery called life. Love, admire, and take in everyones' unique masterpieces.

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