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Personalized Crystal Grid and Balance

A super-charged session adding onto the Chakra Cleanse and Balance

  • 1 hour 17 minutes
  • 85 US dollars
  • Distance Session From The Comfort of Your Home

Service Description

*This 77-minute distance session uses the same elements as the original Complete Chakra Cleanse ( read below ) with the addition of a personalized crystal grid that is highly focused on your specific intention/desire/need. Whether it be a desire to attract a dream career, love, confidence, or to develop your intuition and connection to Spirit, your crystal grid will be charged prior to your session as well as given a powerful extra boost during the duration of the session. Quantum Reiki and Crystal Reiki are combined with seven highly charged chakra crystals along with a crystal grid charged with the intention for healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. An intake form is provided to help identify specific areas of healing or strengthening in which Quantum Reiki will be instructed to go to as well. See my section " What Reiki Can Do" for more information on how to customize your QCR session. Clients have reported feeling less anxious and more able to handle stress and worry as well as a renewed sense of confidence and belief in their abilities. All have reported a feeling of inner peace following the session as well as a feeling of being surrounded by love.  This session will undoubtedly make you feel very relaxed, so it is recommended that you schedule a time when you can do something peaceful or relaxing following the session. A Quantum Crystal Reiki session hardly ends once we conclude. It often takes a few days for your bodymind to process the energy, and the channels usually continue to be cleared and harmonized for anywhere from 24-72 hours following our time together.  I will be calling you 10 minutes prior to our session to let you know we will be starting soon and to get relaxed and comfortable while setting the intention to receive Quantum Crystal Reiki. If there is anything you wish to discuss with me, this is a great time to do so! After your session, you may wish to discuss your experience with me. If so, we can arrange a short phone call and go over the details as well as what you may expect in the following days as reiki tends to continue working for up to 72 hours. Regardless of your decision, I will still send you your choice of a recorded video or email with the session details. *Note: Reiki is not an alternative for medical treatment. It does not treat or diagnose. Please seek out a medical professional if you have concerns about your health. *Any cancellations must be made within 24 hours of session.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made within 24 hours of scheduled session. If you have any questions, please email me at

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