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What is Reiki?

All things in existence are made up of energy and infused with another form of energy many have called chi, prana, reiki, or simply consciousness. Every particle in our body vibrates at a specific preferred frequency and every day, our bodies work to maintain the balance of that frequency. When all levels of the body are in energetic harmony, communication with our Self, Spirit, and  surroundings is strong. We become energetically imbalanced when we start storing lower energies that go against our natural state. When we worry, live in constant fear, don't release traumas of our past etc., we are essentially damning our own internal river. These blockages can grow larger and more numerous over time, causing much harm to not only our emotional and mental states, but can have negative effects on our physical body as well. Reiki is one way to restore and maintain our energetic balance. It is the intelligent energy of love and life that connects us with our Higher Self, Spirit, and everything around us. It is a tool for physical healing, mental stability, and personal and spiritual growth. It helps us to be more loving, more peaceful, and more in flow and harmony with all things. Reiki can help release doubt, fear, worry, limiting beliefs and trauma. It can help with addiction and assist in establishing better habits. It can help us communicate with our Higher Self and strengthen our intuition. There is almost nothing reiki can't help with. It truly is a powerful gift from Spirit.

What is Quantum Crystal Reiki?

QCR is my signature technique that I developed after coming to the conclusion that Quantum Reiki is more powerful and effective than  other types of reiki. While other forms of reiki are still very relevant and effective, they only access the physical third dimension. Quantum Reiki has the ability to go deeper into healing on a cellular multi-dimensional level, including past life and ancestral karma. QCR combines the intentions inherent in the properties of crystals and the energy of Quantum Reiki, the multi-dimensional life force, to create a refined energetic conduit to bring healing and balance on all levels. It works with the chakra system, our energetic centers, to release blockages and bring balance.


Book a Distance Session With Me

Because we are all connected through consciousness, reiki of all types can be sent to and from anywhere in the world, and the results are just as powerful and effective as in-person sessions. I have given QCR to people from within 50 miles of me and all the way to Egypt. The results are profound and have awakened my clients even more to the interconnectedness of humanity and Spirit. Whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual needs, you can receive Quantum Crystal Reiki while you are in the comfort of your own home.